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  Triumph and Tragedy: A History of Thomas Lyons and the LCs.
By Ida Foster Campbell and Alice Foster Hill

"From his early beginnings as a cowboy and self-taught mining engineer in the 1870s, Thomas Lyons -- with partner Angus Campbell -- would build an unparalleled cattle empire in southwest New Mexico. According to a livestock trade journal of the time, at its peak the LC Ranches controlled 1.5 million acres of range, grazed some 60,000 cattle, "and employed 100 wagons, 750 riding horses, 400 work horses, and 75 cowboys in season." But powerful men create powerful enemies. The murder of Tom Lyons in El Paso in 1917 remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of the olde Southwest. A man of myth until now, this thoroughly documented account is Tom Lyons and the LCs in history."
"He fought Apaches, hunted grizzly bears, chased down rustlers . . . and plotted the course of roads still traveled today."

From the Introduction by Stephen Siegfried

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