Doc Campbell's Post
Owned and operated by Paul and Ysabel Luecke

HC 68 Box 80  Silver City, New Mexico, USA 88061
Phone Number:  (575) 536-9551 Email Paul and Ysabel:

Open 7 days a week, Doc Campbell's Post provides  all the
services a  traveler needs.


A genuine country store where you will find:

     Free Wi-F for guests
     Snack bar
     Homemade ice cream (which is out of this world)
     Fishing and hunting licenses and supplies
     Books and postcards
     T-shirts with Wilderness and local designs
     Southwest pottery, jewelry and more in our gift shop.

Don't forget to visit the Gila Country Corner! 

Featuring local artists of a high quality, you will find a wide variety of art works. 

     Handmade quilts and clothing
     Paintings and sculptures
     Gourd art
     Handcrafted furniture

Each unique item reflects the distinctive spirit of the Southwest.  We are constantly finding new artists and displaying
their work. Drop by to see what's new.


Wool clothing is knitted from the shearing of Navajo Churro sheep that live on the ranch.

For details on buying raw wool
or skeins of yarn from the
 Navajo Churros on the ranch,
 email Becky Campbell.

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