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"Laura and I had a fantastic time on our September trip with you. We still haven't stopped talking about it. I especially loved the riding, and I appreciated Dave's patience with such a novice. It was wonderful to see all that grand country. We both want to go out with you again... Thank you for a wonderful trip--the food, the scenery and the company was all memorable!"  
      - Carolyn & Laura Davis
"We think about and talk about our Gila Wilderness trip with you all the time. When we tell our friends about the trip Jason talks about your terrific horses and the mules. Larry elaborates on the many dangers we encountered. My story concentrates on the beauty we observed. We all agree that you are a fabulous guide, and that our pack trip with you was the most exciting experience we've ever had. Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful, memorable experience. I've enclosed a few photos for you. Our best regards to you , your family and Dwight."       
      - Leslie Rothblat
We really enjoyed your website maybe one of these days we can book a trip to pack in and hunt a deer elk or maybe a gobbler we are real green so we would need a pair of very gentle ponies. I would take a horse like Yancey Smokie or even a Joe but my young son needs a lightning thunder or bronc also we get along with mules like Amos Andy or even shamus or adobe.   
      - Guess Who ???
"I was part of the Susan Fitzpatrick group from horse camp Sept it was an experience that was "over the moon"...we are still reliving each day sharing all our photos! Thank your Mom for me too for her additions to all our delicious was such a treat to be so cared for by "awesome" you and your team!"   
      - Terese (Trace) Lange





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