All though legal, we strongly discourage drinking on your trip. Absolutely no drinking is allowed while riding.

2 Persons

/ Day

3-5 Persons

/ Day

6 or More

/ Day
Prices do not include taxes, which are additional.
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Guided Wilderness
Pack Trips

Our trustworthy horses and mules will safely carry you and all of your gear. We accommodate all levels of riding experience ranging from beginners to advanced. You will be matched with a well-trained horse adapted to your skill level. Then, we take you for a ride through some of the most magnificent picturesque terrain in the U.S.

On your trip, you will have the opportunity to discover and explore exquisite and breathtaking surroundings with rugged mountains, deep canyons, meadows filled with wildflowers and juniper woodlands to name a few. The Gila Wilderness is rich with wildlife, including cougars, elk, foxes, Javelina, black bears and wolves, plus a wide diversity of reptile and bird and butterfly species. Additionally, you can enjoy some of the finest trout fishing in New Mexico (Don't forget to obtain a fishing license.)

Prices include all equipment and guide services. Meals are provides and prepared over an open campfire. Also included are your cook, horses, mules and tents. Guest must provide their own personal duffle and sleeping bags, sleeping mats, personal clothing and fishing gear. We do not furnish sodas, beer or other liquor.**

Gila Wilderness
Drop Camps

"Leave only footprints, take only memories".
For those who want to explore the Gila Wilderness on your own without the burden of a backpack, we offer a drop camp service. Our drop camps are very popular with those who are experienced and comfortable being out on their own. Those who use this service have their own camping equipment, personal gear and food.

We pack you and your equipment into the Wilderness and return for you on a prearranged date. This is an affordable way for you to enjoy the Wilderness without backpacking. You will be furnished with a saddle horse for the ride to your campsite and pack mules for your equipment. If you are unsure of the area, we will listens to your expectations and assist you with planning your ideal campsite.

Per Person

/ Day
Rates depend on distance and number of guests.
These rates include guide, horse and pack mules.
Prices do not include taxes, which are additional.
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Full-day Trip

/ Person


/ Person
A guide is required, and is furnished for:
$70 ($50 for half day).
Prices do not include taxes, which are additional.
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Horseback Riding in
the Gila Wilderness

If you are looking for a small bit of adventure, then join us for a full or half day trail ride on horseback. We offer rides that are suitable for the whole family and we can accommodate any rider level, from novice to advanced. A horse will be selected for you that accommodates your size and riding ability. Our horses are mild mannered and well trained.

On horseback, you can ride through many trails and be awed by the splendor and beauty of the Gila Wilderness. In a single day you can have breakfast on the banks of a cool stream, lunch on an Alpine ridge and dinner in a high mountain meadow. Let your stresses melt away, forget the cell phone and the pager, breathe the sharp tang of pine needles and feel the cool canyon air on your face.

Wildlife is occasionally spotted while on horseback; including deer, coyote, wolves, foxes. Sighting of birds and butterflies of many varieties is also common. Enjoy our many wild flowers. Use the opportunity to take some great photos.

For those who want to extend their visit, lodging, and campsites are available, including RV and tent sites.

Weekend Trips available for riding clubs and horse owners. Meals and corrals furnished.

Specialty Wilderness Pack Trips

Youth Trips, Bird Watching Adventure, Discovering Butterflies, Ladies Pack Trips, East Fork Cabin Trip

Bird Watching Adventure

This is a unique wilderness adventure that gives bird watchers an opportunity to pursue their interest. Because the Gila is in a transition zone of desert and alpine mountain ecosystem, many species of birds can be found here. Biologist have identified over 280 bird species in the Gila Wilderness including birds of prey, jays, quail, hummingbirds, meadowlarks, blackbirds, sparrows, swallows and martins, goldfinches, tanagers, warblers, grosbeaks, woodpeckers and flycatchers. You will find each day enjoyable with activities that also include horseback riding, hiking, and photography. The Gila Bird Checklist from the USDA Forest Service is available as an Adobe PDF. Also visit the Southwest New Mexico Audubon Society for birding information in the Gila.

Discovering Butterflies

This wilderness trip is especially designed for the butterfly enthusiast. You will find vast opportunities to identify and observe the many species of butterflies that live in the Gila Wilderness such as the Painted Lady, Mourning Cloak, and the Western Swallowtail. The Gila Wilderness is the perfect place for professional and amateur lepidopterists.

Ladies Pack Trips

Ladies can enjoy a wilderness adventure in the company of other women. This popular trip will take you to some of the most remote areas of the Gila Wilderness and will give you the opportunity to experience the outdoors without any of the pressures of men. You will be accompanied by a female guide and will experience the wilderness by horseback riding over scenic trails, hiking, and peaceful relaxation. Evening campfires for tall tales and discussions complete each day. Whether you are retreating or adventuring, you can relish the fun and supportive atmosphere of an all-woman's group.

East Fork Cabin Trip

Experience a magnificent wilderness excursion with a two or three day week-end "get-away" in the comfort of a mountain cabin located on the East Fork of the Gila. It is the perfect vacation for a family or group who has limited time but would still like a glimpse of the awesome beauty of the Gila Wilderness.
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